Oswestry High School for Boys

Oswestry High School for Girls

Roger Morris

When I left the Boys High I spent three years at Bishop Otter College in Chichester teacher training which was quite enjoyable. We are about to have our first reunion this summer after 40 yrs! I left Bishop Otter and taught Art & Craft in Leighton Buzzard for three years where I met my wife Katrina who taught PE in the same school. We later discovered she went to school with Rob Jones's wife in Downham Market. From Leighton we moved to Clare in Suffolk where I ran the evening institute. Eighteen months later I deserted education for the real world of industry. For the next twenty eight years I ran Cubestore with my partner we eventually sold out in 1997. Cubestore manufactured and marketed storage furniture throughout the UK and even in the states for a while . During this time two boys appeared Ben and Tom (I have just been clipped around the ear my wife has read this over my shoulder). Ben now works for the BBC as news producer he has just recently completed a stint in New York. Tom has just finished an MBA in Sydney and has returned to working in the city with a merchant bank. With sale of Cubestore in 97 and I became retired time has absolutely flown by. For five years we spent six months each year sailing travelling very slowly through the French canals and along the coasts of France and Spain and various other bits. We returned back in 2002 and sold the boat ,now searching for a replacement. For the passed eighteen months I have been renovating our current house which was purchased as a ruin but at least an interesting one. It was originally built as offices for a stonemason and has a wonderful bathstone facade. It has had a very chequered history as offices flats during the war and finally as a day nursery . So it has needed quite a bit of tender loving care. Probably another 3 months work is required . In Spain we are trying to build a very modern house near Granada. I think we will finally be able to start work this January so that project is now getting to the exciting stage. I have very little contact with any old boys except for Winston Evans who was in the year above us I went sailing with him last season. I occasionally go back home to the valley and stop and have a look at Oswestry it now seems to be quite a successful market town. I live in Bury St Edmunds which is another old market town but it has recently lost its market succumbing to BSE etc. However being close to Cambridge modern technology is driving it forward a large new shopping centre is about to be built which has become a major planning issue in the town.