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Carolynn Dunn(Davies)

Briefly, I married Mal in 1963 after being invalided out of Guy's hospital having hurt my back. We moved around England as Mal was in the RAF and lived in Singapore for 3 years. We came to OZ in 1977, we have three children all living in the Canberra area and we have 4 grand children. My hobbies are cake decorating, I am the editor of the Cake Decorator's Association News Letter which comes out quarterly, travelling , trying to keep fit and keep the middle aged spread under control, with out much sucess! Helping with the grand children, sewing in different mediums and keeping the old man happy!

Just spent the afternoon in the hot sun at Ben and Brian's school swimming gala. Believe it or not I was reminded of the times at Oswestry that Frances Henson and I nearly always tied in races!!