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Ceri James (Harris)

After I took Honours Chinese in SOAS, London, I worked briefly in Harrods and then took my PGCE at the Institute of Education, London, and taught English for some years. I married in 1972, to David Harris - he is an associate professor of psychogeriatrics. We have four children - Aubrey (26) has an Honours degree in Philosophy and is qualified in Human Resources. He is also an officer in the Canadian Navy, Reserves ( but fortunately has not yet been called to the Middle Eastern conflict). He's working in Toronto in the Ministry of the Environment.

My daughter, Sian (25), has a degree in Fine Arts with a special interest in textile design and she is currently working for the designer Georgina von Etzdorf although on a short term basis. Earlier this year she moved to England where she hopes to take her Masters in due course. Owain ( 23) is reading History in Concordia University, Montreal. Rhys ( 20) is reading Business Studies here at the University of Western Ontario. All of which leaves me with an empty nest! yippee - so I closed down my sculpture studio and brought all the gear home imagining that I would do lots of work here ( I make stone sculptures).Which I will do once I have worked though all the stuff the kids left here when they left home... I get back to Britain about once a year - more often lately since my parents are now elderly and infirm and need constant support. Most of that falls to my sister Rhiannon who lives near them in Bristol, but I try to stand in and give her a break when I can. I am following a number of interests right now, - arts related ones, shamanism and gardening, plus I have become interested in grass roots politics. I am an active member of our Council of Canadians which is a left-of-centre group generally anti-globalisation and against the Free Trade of the Americas as it is currently designed. Most of this involves keeping an eagle eye on what skullduggery is happening at our City Hall, and meeting in excited small groups over beer or coffee to plan 'action' like standing outside the supermarket dressed as a giant carrot or something to complain about genetically modified foods/pesticides/bad water... - I intend to join the Raging Grannies sooner or later. It should be fun but the police are getting rather stroppy lately.