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David Price-Williams

Read ancient Middle Eastern languages for my first degree and completed my PhD in archaeology at University of London, where I still teach.

After spending six years in Turkey and the Middle East as an archaeologist, I married Sue and we moved our fieldwork to southern Africa, specifically Swaziland, where I directed an archaeological research project until 1989. But my first love was and still is Turkey, and fifteen years ago we set up a companythere. My Turkish partner and I build, own and operate classic wooden yachts (28m +) for academic tours around the Turkish coast and Greek Islands. We take groups like alumni parties (10th year with Cambridge; 9th with Oxford), museum groups (Smithsonian) etc. Have a look at our Templeworld web site.

Sue and I have two children, Alice aged 27 who is also in the special interest travel business, and David aged 25 who is finishing his MSc in IT. The picture of us from last year is taken on SULTAN A, one of our yachts.

We live in Kew, Richmond, just on the outskirts of London, 20 minutes from the West End and 20 minutes from Heathrow. All of us travel a great deal, especially to Turkey and Africa, so it’s very convenient.