Oswestry High School for Boys

Oswestry High School for Girls

Patricia Blackwell

I left OGHS in 1961 and went to work briefly in FW Woolworth's office then I worked for Westminster Bank for 5 years, with Pam North and John Higley, (both OG/BHS's) transferring to London when I married Bernard Matthews.

We left for Ohio, USA where my husband did an MSc at Akron University in Polymer Technology. We lived in Akron, for 9 years, and near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for 6 years, where I brought up our three sons, who are now 35, 33, and 29 yrs old. They are now married with families of their own. During this time I worked closely with their school and was a teaching assistant for the slow readers and slow maths students, plus provided art 'props' for them.

We returned to the UK in 1982, and in 1984, I became a single parent of my 3 teenage boys, (I can't recommend it!), for the next 7 years. At the same time, I put myself through school (my sons' Comprehensive) to take A levels, Loughborough Art College, University of Derby and the University of Huddersfield, earning a Ceramics degree and a PGCE in Special Ed. Needs. However, teaching jobs were scarce, unlike today, so I became Departmental Administrator to the Dean and Heads of Department at Nottingham Business School, The Nottingham Trent University for the following 8 years. Believe me, Business School lecturers and Profs. are NOT dull and boring! Still plenty of Special Ed Needs though!