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C Michael Jones

(Micky died about 2010)

I graduated from Strathclyde University in 1966 ,joined Dunlop Co as Finance Trainee and became qualified accountant in 1970, married Ann in same year. Joined GEC in 1972 as Chief Accountant of GEC Industrial Controls, became Financial Controller in 1974 and Finance Director in 1976. Had many visits to USA between 1977 and 1986 setting up operation originally as joint venture and subsequently subsidiary in Macon Georgia. Offered the opportunity to move to the USA we came on a three year contract in 1986! Ann, myself and three sons Mark (now 30) Bryan (now 27) and Iain (now 25) and one Labrador.

Company in Macon was sold to French company and after a couple of years under French control I moved on and joined Thorn Automated Systems (sub of Thorn-EMI) as President /CEO participated in Management Buy Out from Thorn and also subsequent sale to Tyco (a large US conglomerate) which left me job searching again in 1997. I joined ESI Companies in Memphis where we now live in 1997 as VP Business Development to help this company away from its traditional business of providing Security Systems for prisons! There are almost 2 Million Americans in jails and the construction of new prisons over the last ten years has been phenomenal. I left this company last year and am now Chief Operating Officer of Samsung CCTV in Carrollton Texas. I commute from Memphis on Monday morning returning Friday night earning large # of Frequent Flyer Miles.

My mother now 91 lives at Llynclys, Ann’s mother is in Edinburgh so we get back at least once a year usually for 2/3 weeks, I have just arranged this years trip and will be in Oswestry around July 8 for about a week. I keep in touch with Bryan Renshaw and Roy Mansell but have not seen any one else for some years. I know Pete Davies is in Northampton and Mike Blackburn is farming somewhere in Norfolk. I also plan to track down Rob Pugh whose family still farm at Ty Gwyn, Moelfre Llansilin.