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Brenda Mattinson (Ogilvie)

At the moment living in Bury after nearly thirty years of living in a number of third world countries, Nigeria, Zaire, Ghana, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Greece and in Spain. Can't imagine why we didn't get Afghanistan as well! We did try a couple of years in Florida after Graeme retired but couldn't cope with the efficiency!

Married to Graeme, a V.P. with a multi-national pharmaceutical company - a drug pusher as my youngest son describes him! - with two sons, Duncan and Andrew. Little to brag about on my own behalf apart from a few literary successes but it has been an interesting life. Hobbies: reading, travelling, pulling the golf trolley around for Graeme, entertaining visitors (we get significantly more here than we did in Dhaka). Goals: attempting to get my book published - a Herculean task, and learning Spanish, ditto. Graeme died in 2021, after we moved to Bury.