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Oswestry High School for Girls

Meriel Roberts

I left OGHS in 1963 to study Zoology at Aberystwyth, where I met my husband Peter. We married in 1969 and have been fortunate to be still together 33 years later! We have two wonderful children, Branwen (30) and Robert (27), but no spouses in the offing as yet. We spent two years in Birmingham Alabama from 1974 to 1976, which was a terrific experience.I have been teaching biology in a girls' selective school in Orpington ever since our return. I am lucky in that the girls are keen and very pleasant. Peter is Professor of Immunology at University College London which sounds really intellectual. He is far from the Prof image though and his main hobby is playing guitar in a rock band! I still visit Oswestry occasionally and love to do so. My Mum, who taught English for many years at OGHS, will be 90 in June. She moved to be near me last April and we are about to sell the house, so I may not be able to visit so often. I believe reunions have been mentioned, and I will certainly try to make it if there is one!